About Emma Mary's Kitchen

As an amateur home cook, I won Balmoral Hotel Belfast Masterchef 2017. I now have my own cake and cupcake business and offer a catering service for small functions/business lunches.

Taking part in the competition spurred me on to do more with food, I had always wanted to have my own business and nothing makes me happier than when I baking, cooking or creating a cake so I started Emma Mary's Kitchen. The name of the business is quite simple. It all started in my home kitchen, my happy place, so I wanted to honour that.


I love to create my own recipes, especially desserts or anything involving buffalo chicken and I have shared lots of my own recipes on this site too.

I also like to grow some of my own fruit and vegetables which I use in my recipes. I try to use local ingredients for most of my food, because they taste better!


My cooking and baking influences and ideas come from all over, from traditional recipes I learned from my mum and growing up in Ireland, to my flatmates and friends when I was a student in Scotland and my travels/holidays.

I hope some of my recipes will prove helpful or provide some ideas. I have found so many recipes over the years which I think can over complicate simple food or don't provide alternatives, so I am hoping to avoid that. I try to add alternatives to some of my recipes to make life easier but if you have any queries or questions feel free to contact me.

To place an order or if you have a query you can contact us or send a message on Facebook or Instagram.