Buttercream and naked cakes

Our buttercream finished cakes are available in several variations including buttercream finish, fault line finish and naked cakes. We offer a range of standard, gluten free and vegan cakes. To order or enquire about a cake contact Emma Mary's Kitchen or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.


Scroll through the galleries at the top and bottom of this page for some of our previous work or for inspiration/ideas. Combine our sponge cake flavours with buttercream options below to create your dream cake. We are always happy to offer recommendations!

Cake flavours available; Vanilla (our most popular!), chocolate, red velvet, lemon, raspberry, chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, carrot cake, rainbow cake, white chocolate and raspberry, biscoff, coffee, chocolate orange.

Buttercream fillings; vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, lemon, lime, salted caramel, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, cherry and nutella.

Jam options for combination fillings also available.

Naked cakes; a variety of fruits, chocolate truffles, chocolate shards, macarons and other decorations are available.

Sizes and Prices

The size guidelines below will help you choose which is best for your occasion. These sizes are based on round cakes. For square cakes please enquire.

  • 4 inch -  4-6 slices   

Prices start at just £20 (depending on decorations)

  • 5 inch -  6-8 slices   

Prices start at just £25 (depending on decorations)

  • 6 inch -  10-12 slices   

Prices start at just £30 (depending on decorations)

  • 7 inch - 15-18 slices 

 Prices start at just £35 (depending on decorations)

  • 8 inch - 20-25 slices    

Prices start at just £45 (depending on decorations)

  • 9 inch - 30-35 slices   

Prices start at just £55 (depending on decorations)

  • 10 inch - 40-45 slices 

Prices start at just £65 (depending on decorations)

  • 12 inch - 55-60 slices  

Prices start at just £85 (depending on decorations).


Allergy advice and information; our standard cakes includes eggs, dairy and gluten. Our vegan cakes contain no dairy or eggs but do contain gluten. Our gluten free cakes do not contain gluten but do contain dairy and eggs. We can offer vegan gluten free cakes which have no dairy, eggs or gluten. Some of our cakes contain nuts and we cannot guarantee that any of our cakes do not contain traces of nuts.