November 2016

Texas Forever - Fort Worth


If you haven't been to Texas, then you have to go. What an amazing place! Kevin and I just spent two weeks having the time of our lives in the Lonestar state.

We started out in Fortworth.

I had spent months on Pinterest in the preparation for this trip and I wanted the whole typical Texas experience, so old town, cowboy feel was perfect.


Our first night we had tickets to the rodeo.
Before we went we got some burgers, fries and beers in the Love Shack. they had live music on which was great. You can get beers and food to take out as well from the window at the front.
The burgers were delicious, although we stayed pretty safe with just bacon cheese burgers.



Then we headed into the Cowtown coliseum for the rodeo. 

While it might not be up everyone's street we had a great time, although jet lag hit us like a ton of bricks and we headed back to the hotel about 10pm.

The next day we went back towards the Stockyards historic district to have a look at the shops and watch the long horn cattle drive through the streets. That's also where I met my friend in the top photo (yes he is real!).


We had a walk around the Stockyards district and looked around the shops, lots of Texas themed souvenirs (as you would expect) although one shop had an entire section decided to bacon, so I felt like I found my spiritual home. 

Before heading towards Dallas we took a trip to the water gardens in Fort Worth.They were pretty cool and

I wish we could have had the time to see them at night. I imagine in summer it's pretty packed there.