November 2016

November 2016

Texas Forever - Fredicksburg

Fredricksburg Texas

When looking up Texas, we had planned initially to go to Austin but our plans already included Dallas and Houston and we fancied something a bit different.


When I discovered the wine trail I knew we had to visit! I did a bit of research and found Fredricksburg in Texas Hill Country seemed to be the place to go if you wanted to visit some of the great vineyards and wineries of Texas (I was honestly a bit surprised but the reviews were not wrong).


Upon arrival we discovered that since we were there off-peak the wine shuttle doesn't run except for at weekends, however almost every winery and vineyard has a tasting room right in town! And what a town it is. 

As the name suggests, the town was settled by Germans and the buildings show this off, it was like walking around a quaint little town in Germany but a town where you are not just allowed but encouraged to drink wine on the street!

A lot of the tasting rooms give you a little plastic glass to take your wine out with you if you want one for the road. 

The measures for tasting were seriously generous and we found after our first tasting (5 samples each for $20 dollars with a free lovely long stem glass to take home) that we were feeling it! 

We explored some of the shops, one was particularly cool, it basically sold chilli and chilli sauces, I have never seen so many variations, some of which required I.D to buy!


That night we found a great pizza place, the service was brilliant and the pizzas were heaven! The dough was just so crispy.


We were deciding where to go when we heard some funky bluegrass music coming out of a bar so we headed in. We got a bottle of local wine, which was really reasonably priced and enjoyed the music.


The next day we headed out to visit one of the vineyards, Barons Creek. I was designated driver so just had a few sips of each (they offered designated driver tastings!) but the wine was incredible and the staff were so knowledgeable and friendly. They host weddings, so if you are thinking of getting married, go here!


We went back to town, dropped the car off at the hotel and visited a few more tasting rooms. 


It was veterans day, so there were lots of people around and a big event happening at the national museum of the pacific war.


We had drank our fill of wine, so headed to Hondos on main and had some local beers and Kevin hammered me at connect there a world championship? I have never seen anyone able to beat him!


We really loved Fredricksburg, I wish we had longer there and I would go back in a heartbeat.