November 2016

Texas Forever - San Antonio

Kevin and I

Boston, you have a rival! For years I had wanted to visit Boston and when I finally did in 2014, I fell in love. With the city, the people, the sport and the way they say "park, car and Harvard". 

Well it now has a rival for my affections. 

San Antonio is a simply incredible place. The city is an usual mix of very typical American style buildings and hispanic style buildings. The people are brilliant and the food...........heavenly. 


We arrived early from Fedricksburg and went straight out to a college football game, but not just any college football game.....the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were in town! 


Off we went to the tailgate party, which you don't need a car for.

Cold beers, burgers, hot dogs, live music, face painting, games for adults and kids. The atmosphere was electric. 


Inside the stadium, we grabbed a few more beers (have I mentioned how much I love sport in can drink at your seat). I also grabbed my new hat (left). Merchandise is not cheap but I love this hat and luckily I have a tiny head so I was able to get the kids one.

Going to see the Fighting Irish was great, we both wore Ireland t-shirts/jerseys and ​​encountered a lot of people who thought it was amazing that we were "actually Irish". 


The marching band made a lot of shapes, seamlessly. The shape of Texas was pretty impressive. The game wasn't the most competitive but we enjoyed the atmosphere and we love American football so we still had a great time.


After we followed the crowd and ended up in an Irish bar (Durty Nellys) along the Riverwalk (we'll come back to this spectacular place later).First of all we got asked for ID, which was bloody marvellous and secondly this bar had a barrel full of monkey nuts, help yourself and chuck your shell on the floor.


On our second day we visited Six Flags, which I loved. Kevin isn’t a huge fan of rollercoasters but he went on a couple. As with all theme parks it’s not cheap to eat in Six Flags and drinks aren’t cheap either. Since it was Sunday when we left Six Flags we decided to find a sports bar to watch the NFL and what a bar we found. Ticket Sports Bar Downtown is the stuff of dreams if you like to watch live American sports, a gazillion (maybe a few less) huge screens throughout the bar showing all of the live NFL games so no matter where you sit, or stand you can see them.Plus their chicken wings are SUPERB and I am a chicken wing conisseur.


San Antonio is home to the Alamo which we paid a visit to on Monday morning. I had read online before visiting that the Alamo was small, in fact it seemed to be the common theme when people talked about visiting it. It’s not small.......... It’s TINY!! But definitely worth paying a visit.


Now back to the San Antonio Riverwalk, I had seen this online and on pinterest but nothing can do this place justice unless you visit. Bars, shops, restaurants, cafes and boat tours. 

We ate in a few different restaurants, all had amazing views. The Republic of Texas had a great menu and the cocktails were HUGE.Rita's on the Riverwalk was another highlight, very casual with lovely staff and mariachi music!


We visited plenty of bars, I can't even remember them all to name each of them but Waxys was another Irish themed pub with live music, Dave & Busters a sports bar with arcade games was fun, Biergarten was like a year round Oktoberfest and we drank some of the most incredible margaritas in the Naked Iguana bar.


I implore you, go there, eat, drink and be merry, you can find out more of what the San Antonio Riverwalk has to offer here