November 2016

Texas Forever - Dallas and Houston


From Fort Worth we drove to Dallas.

We stayed right in Downtown Dallas and found it really convenient to get around. It’s close to freeways, buses and within walking distance of plenty of sights.


On our first night we headed to see the Dallas Mavericks but stopped off to eat in the Hard Rock Café. I always like hard Rock Café, not always for the food but for the memoriablia. This one had less of it than others I have been too but it was also quite a lot smaller.


We got our tickets to the basketball really cheaply on stub hub, we were really high up but neither of us are Mavericks supporters and it was more for the experience than anything else and it was a great experience.


Sunday was really wet and horrible in Dallas so we decided to go somewhere we could eat some food and watch NFL, it was time to

introduce Kevin to Hooters.


A lot of people have a bad opinion of Hooters but honestly the service is always great and the chicken wings are some of the best you can get anywhere, you can even get them wrapped in bacon!!!


We visited the grassy knoll and the book depository and JFK museum when we were there. It was fascinating to see and the audio tour was good, although we were disappointed not to be allowed to take pictures (even without a flash).

We headed from Dallas to Houston, it was 7 November. US Presidential Election Day and with some kind of crazy foresight Kevin made a playlist in the car, he called it Trump’s Big Day.

Upon our arrival in Houston (after a 4 hour drive), we pulled into our hotel.


The reviews I had read were good and for the price I was delighted………driving in to the "hotel" the price was explained. Horror show wouldn’t cover it.

I have stayed in hostels and motels that were practically falling apart and if it’s just a place to crash I usually don’t mind (although I am becoming a bit more precious in my old age). This place was a million times worse than you are imagining now, despite the fact we had already decided to find a different hotel we went and looked at the room, had there been a chalk outline on the floor we wouldn’t have been surprised.


On the plus side I was able to use their free wifi to book a great hotel on the other side of Houston,which we loved. 

​​Once we got changed, we got an uber and headed to The General Public where we had the most

delicious and huge portions of crispy fish and chips.We drank Hilaritias while we watched the election

results came in.As we all now know. Trump won...............................


Our tip to Space Centre next day was great. I have been to the one in Orlando but this is HQ ‘Houston We Have A Problem’. If you visit, make sure to eat before you go on the bus tour, we were told it would be an hour. It was almost two hours long and we were starving so we hit the McDonalds next door. 

We also did a lot of shopping in Houston, what an amazing place to shop, the malls, the outlets....heaven.