November 2016

Super Bowl Parties

l love organising and planning parties, especially ones with a theme. I also LOVE NFL. Having people round for the Super Bowl is one of my favourite things. I go all out. 

Im yje past few years I have ordered tablecloths, themed plates, table decorations and other items online.

One year I used yellow napkins as penalty flags and printed tiny ref jerseys on labels for dips, which I put in little chocolate boxes, or on lollipop sticks attached to dip bowls. I usually build my snack stadium with foil takeaway containers and foil roasting trays.


I fill the base of the stadium with lettuce and mark the lines with sour cream and fill the sides with carrots, cucumber and celery for with the dips, as well as sweets, tortilla chips and crisps.


I make strawberry footballs every year because we love them and they go down well with our guests , they are so easy, just coat strawberries with milk or dark chocolate and use white chocolate to pipe or draw on designs.

I also make rice krispie treats in the shape of american footballs. 

Along with the cold food and snacks I make a range of typical "American" style hot food; ribs, wings, pulled pork, potato skins etc.Have a look at the gallery below if you need some inspiration!