I hope my website will give you some hints, tips or even ideas for something new. We can all struggle for inspiration sometimes and we all have to start somewhere. Even after years of baking I know that I am still very much at the start of my learning curve. Some of these desserts are ideal for coffee mornings and cake sales, others are perfect for celebrations and dinner parties. 

Most of the savoury recipes you will find here are fairly simple home cooking recipes, maybe with a little bit of a twist added. I am a fan of platters and sharing food, so you will also find tapas.A lot of my weekday cooking I play by ear and often forget to write recipes down, but I am working on it and as I do this area of the site will grow. 

I am slightly obsessed with Frank's Buffalo sauce, I have tried a few recipes to make my own version but none of them have ever been as moreish as Frank's is, you will find a few different recipes for using it if you fancy something different than just putting it on wings. 

Walnut & chocolate biscotti

Lemon posset

Easy chocolate mousse

Creme Patissiere

Buffalo chicken potato bake

Crispy sweet potato fries

Wheaten bread


Salted caramel sauce


Pesto and red pepper pesto

Meringue kisses

Honeycomb recipe

Fruit crumbler

Buffalo chicken lettuce cups

Lunch ideas

Tuile recipes


Tarta Milhojas

Alternative cottage pie

Spanish style meatballs